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I'm looking for new ways to create some dialog on modern/advanced methods for data acquisition and structural-dynamic system analysis. I have a lot of experience (good and bad) to share and think posting as a guest on the enDAQ blog is a perfect venue to help reach and educate engineers interested in these areas.

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Here's a list of my blogs in order:

A Different View of the Sampling & Quantization Process in Digital Data Acquisition
Independent Observer: The First, & Most Critical Shock & Vibration Qualification Step
The PyroShock-Acceleration-Offset-Error Problem: A Proposed Solution
Spectral-Domain Time-Series Analysis: Tools That Improve Our View and Understanding of the Data
Oversampling Converters
Analog Filter Design
Which Anti-Alias Filter is Best?
Sample Rate: How to Pick the Right One
How Fast Must We Sample?
Is Your Data Acquisition System Telling You The Truth?